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❶I can vividly recall the impact it made on me:

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Griffin assumed the men were heading over to assist him but instead they dragged him away from his car and proceeded to beat him violently with chains before leaving him for dead. It took Griffin five months to recover from the assault. The attack was not random; the beating represented a particularly brutal form of literary criticism: Griffin was being punished for having written a book. Black Like Me , the book in question, had been published three years earlier in November and it had led to its author being both venerated and vilified.

Griffin, a lantern-jawed and chestnut-haired white man, deliberately darkened his skin and spent six weeks travelling through the harshly segregated southern states of America, revisiting cities he knew intimately, in the guise of a black man. On the opening page Griffin set out the question he was attempting to answer: He visits a dermatologist who prescribes medication usually given to victims of vitiligo a disease that causes white spots to appear on the patient's skin and he supplements the medication with sessions under a sun-lamp and by shaving his hair and rubbing a stain into his skin.

In one of the most powerful passages in the book Griffin describes the shock of seeing his new self in the mirror for the first time. He in no way resembled me … I had expected to see myself disguised, but this was something else. Startled by how little of himself he recognises, Griffin sets off on his journey and is further shocked by how little he recognises of his own country: White folks either treat him with extravagant politeness — when they are on the hunt for black girls or they want to inquire about his sex life — or they give him what Griffin describes as "the hate stare".

You see a kind of insanity, something so obscene the very obscenity of it terrifies you. I felt like saying 'What in God's name are you doing to yourself? He concludes that "the Negro is treated not even as a second-class citizen but as a tenth-class one.

Griffin's outrage at this injustice was rooted in his own life. He was studying in France at the outbreak of the second world war and joined the French resistance, helping to smuggle Jewish children to Britain. Having witnessed the consequences of racism against Jews he became more sensitive to the plight of black people in America.

Griffin had been temporarily blinded during the war after being blasted with shrapnel. The author returns to New Orleans page and then returns home to his family in Texas page The author is interviewed on a TV show that is aired about his work page He appears on several other TV shows and in several articles, provoking a negative response in his hometown and the environs. He is hanged in effigy page , but he also receives many positive letters, even from the south. The author decides to move to Mexico in response to the hatred he has received; his parents have already moved page Related Questions What motivated Griffin to change the color of his skin and take on the identity of a black man, What did he learn about mankind Chat from a long time student and


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Black Like Me Homework Help Questions. What motivated Griffin to change the color of his skin and take on the identity of a black man, John Howard Griffin started out with the purpose of.

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