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Example: Put the following decimals in ascending order:

❶Math , Decimals , Place Value. Now there are two numbers with the same "Tenths" value of 4, so move along to the "Hundredths" for the tie-breaker.

Example: Put the following decimals in DESCENDING order:

Dynamically Created Decimal Worksheets

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ks2 worksheet to order decimals to 2 places also includes a creative task to create a way to help others remember how to order decimals it would be nice if anyone could leave feedback, /5().

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Compare and Order Decimals This section of our website has a set of worksheets for teaching students to order and compare decimal numbers. Decimal Addition & Subtraction. Decimal Number Lines 1 Decimals are shown here using 6 number lines. Each number line is marked with 7 points labelled A-G. The task is to write the decimal numbers shown at each of these points. Team Game: A whole class/ small group activity may be based on this worksheet especially as the answers relate to times tables facts (If learners know.

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You may vary help numbers of problems on creative writing poster worksheet from 12 to Converting Decimal Numbers Worksheets These decimals worksheets will produce problems medical billing and coding homework help involve ordering decimal numbers. Ordering decimals can be tricky. Because often we look at and and say that must be bigger because there are more digits. Because often we look at and and say that must be bigger because there are more digits.