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United we stand, divided we fall Essay Sample

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United we stand, divided we fall Essay Sample
Long and Short Essay on United We Stand Divided We Fall in English
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‘United we stand, divided we fall’

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‘United we stand, divided we fall’ Meaning: ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ – so goes the proverb. The meaning of this proverb is that if we stay together, then nobody can defeat us. However, if we keep fighting among ourselves over trivial matters, then outsiders may take advantage of our internal weakness.

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United we Stand Divided we Fall Essay – 4 ( Words) Introduction. United we stand and divided we fall is a famous proverb which signifies that if we are united and stay together, then no one can defeat us.

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A united group of people can always achieve more things than a single man. That is the reason groups are formed in many fields. In ancient times, man used to live alone. United we stand, divided we fall Essay Sample. A single hand has a limited capacity, but more hands working together will have much more strength to apply on a particular thing at the same time. So we should be united in all our missions of life.

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Aug 17,  · United We Stand: Divided We Fall or Unity is Strength Points: Introduction – Unity is strength – The story of the old farmer – The case of a foot-ball team – Conclusion. Unity is a great quality of human beings. We have made the world a better place, as well as a worse place, to live in, through our several inventions. On the positive side, for example, invention of medicine has .